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A Little About Our Team.

Loretta is a 53yr old woman who has many years experience cleaning residential homes and takes great pride in her work. (Its no secret she loves cleaning!!) She also has 20yrs experience working in the community alongside people with disabilities assisting them to achieve their goals. She is passionate and enjoys a laugh. She loves to read and has a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English Literature and Drama). With already her first job done and dusted (pardon the pun) she has had great feedback from happy clients.


Renee has worked in childcare for many years caring for children with disabilities. She has always had a passion for improving the quality of life of both young and old. Helping people to lead full successful lives by developing and guiding them to achieve their goals. Renee is compassionate, patient, caring and a great listener. She strives to go the extra mile for her clients to help them realise their goals and dreams, what ever that may be.

Lawrence is a 20yr old 2nd yr psychology student at Adelaide Uni, who happens to be a life guard in his spare time! Lawrence has been a life guard at local pools for a number of years and enjoys interacting with the community. So much so Lawrence has decided to take on the challenge of becoming a mentor to teens and young adults with BDSN. He believes he has a lot to offer our clients and is looking forward to spending sometime out in the community building relationships with clients and in turn helping them to build  self esteem, strength and resilience.

Lyn  has 20+yrs experience in disability support she says the best part is at the end of the day when somebody smiles at you and says 'thank you'. Then you know you've done your job right. Lyn loves the variety of work and building relationships with people who matter. She has a 'can do' and 'why not try' attitude and is a firm believer in  the Person Centred approach  and  to encourage people to do as much for themselves as they can. The opportunities to assist people in their every day lives with positive outcomes is fulfilling.

Dallas- Mentor

Dallas is a 44yr old with lived experience with disability. Dallas is an amputee and has learned how to live his life after his work place accident. He spent alot of time in rehab learning how to be independant . Dallas has been a voluteer with the Salvation army helping fellow amputees learn how to deal with the loss of a limb.

With his easy going nature Dallas has found that he tends to draw in the local youth who frequented his last work place, many he keeps in touch with still.

Dallas is looking to help others as best he can in his words " its time to give back". He values those who are trustworthy and show respect and he tries to instill this in those he mentors and supports.

Dallas loves gardening , cars, motorbikes and spending time with his loved ones.

Simon- comes to us with a wealth of experince working as an industrial and residential cleaner. Simon worked for numerous realestate agents completing their exit cleans. So he has a very high standard of cleaning.

Kristin- Is our new Client Liaison Assistant. She will be helping with onboarding new clients gathering the required documents that allow us to support you. Kristin is a mum with 3 children and has lived experience of NDIS and the back processes when it comes to having plan reviews. She has a wealth of knowledge for all of the documents and reports needed to enable you to challenge your plan review.

Sharri- Mentor -TBA

Timothy -Cert 4-TBA

Brenton-Support worker-TBA

Jessica Support worker-TBA

Nicole-Support worker-TBA


If you want to discuss your needs please contact us .

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0414 051 290


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