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Barossa Disability Support Network

Disability Care Solutions


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Barossa Disability Support Network is a local support service. BDSN supplies local staff to NDIS participants in the Northern suburbs from Mawson lakes through to an including Barossa Valley ,Two Wells, Mallala

and areas in between.

Local staff for local people! 

BDSN is a family business.

We have experienced firsthand the need in the Nothern areas for more choice and control when it comes to providers as well as the need for trained support workers. We are  very passionate advocates for the disabled community, hence the reason we decided to start this business to assist our clients by providing support care, mentoring services, cleaning, companion care. We also understand navigating the NDIS can be a confusing and overwhelming experience for many clients therefore we offer assistance with NDIS plan utilization helping you understand your plan and maximizing your NDIS funding.

We also offer help to challenge your plan review if you are unhappy with the outcome.

We aim to show people that you can be honest, reliable, and put disabled people at the fore front of all you do. By employing local people in our business, we are hoping to help our clients reduce the unnecessary cost of bringing staff from Adelaide to support them, meaning more funds left in their plan for the support that our clients really need.

For a confidential discussion on your needs contact Barossa Disability Support Network.

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Barossa Valley SA Australia

0431 044 584

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